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Look at these beautiful solo motorcyles. We rode one from Lanzhou to Beijing in 5 days (1,700KM). No sidecar - no heavy drag and weight, the engine is very smooth. You won't want to get off. For solo riding we recommend that high speed rear drive, round racing tires and good set of wheels. China has so much beautiful scenery and you can enjoy this on a sidecar. The picture above is out in MiYun about 90KM from Beijing. A very good one day ride.

Please note: Solo Chang Jiang 750 motorcycles are not for the inexperienced! This is a very old style technology so the motorcycle is not well balanced like new super bikes. It is front heavy, and frame flexes, front and back wheel are not 100% perfectly aligned, and the brakes are not that good. If you ride a Harley Panhead, or old Triumph, or any old vintage 1950's motorcycle then you will do fine. If you want super performance, then go buy a crotch rocket