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More cool pictures. Good flames should flow with the bike and taper off. This flame style sidecars are mostly popular with Americans and Canadians. Show up at a bike rally with one of these sidecars and you will definitely stand out from the crowd. There is no other motorcycle like the Chang Jiang 750. There are hundereds of these coming out from storage every year from military warehouses. We have 1970's , PLA Chang Jiang 750 surplus sidecars still in original boxes. They are not hard to find and are very common in China. Get yours today!

Left hand sidecars are available for UK, AUS, NZ, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Please note: We have noticed many poorly done flame jobs. The look more like colorful tree roots, not symetrical, or are just overdone. The flames should flow from front to end, taper off and thin out thus giving a head and tail - front to back feel. If you order a flame job, make sure its done properly by someone that has seen them on a Harley and know what they are doing or its going to be an extremely ugly bike. Don't settle for less when you can get the best and from what I have seen, we offer the best quality and the best prices. Do your research!