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Check out these premium restoration pictures. These are extremely beautifully restored sidecars and only a few of us in Beijing know how to do it properly. Super shiny polished aluminum, top grade chrome that does not rust, aluminum rims, glossy paint, and importantly imported bearings, tapered steering bearings, brass floats, imported seals, high temperature grease, imported motoroil, etc... are a few items that are standard on our Chang Jiang 750 sidecar restorations.

Please note: Alot of time and effort went into making these pictures. we noticed that some websites abuse other peoples property and post their photos. We do not mind people passing my pictures around however they are not to be used for commercial purpose by anyone other than me. These source photos are from Big Bill whom is a good friend and partner of ours. We see many of his pictures on some other dealer website. Even my Beijing Sidecar name is copy by others, so be careful. Do not do business with people that steal from others. Do not believe in some community sites that limit participation from dealers, some community sites support liars and cheaters!

Important points about premium restorations: There are many shops that claim to have super restorations however there are somethings you have to be aware of and check out when you get one of these bikes. Keep an eye our for: super thick coat of bondo on the buckets - why? because they are rusted out buckets. Shower hoses for cable covering. Cheap bearings in engine. Used transmission, many of the parts are polished so you cannot tell the difference. Ask for a warrently on all parts in writing. Super shiny paint job - laquer should not be too thick or it will crack, peal or wrinkle after time - most dealers dont do their paint jobs properly and customers are a sucker for shiny paint jobs. Quite a few dealers get their bikes from Guangzhou and then add some extra layers of clear coat to the paint to make it shiny. Be aware! Mixing of good chrome with cheap chrome - especially in leaf springs. We know some OEM guys don't even sand blast but use a blow torch to remove old paint. That is going to effect the integrity of the steel and you wont be able to tell till you hit a hard bump or impact and your frame gets warped. A premium restoration is over 4,500USD, you better know what you are getting. If you are spending that kind of money for a sidecar I recommend that you either buy one from me or from Jim Bryant at or Big Bill at otherwise you are just paying for bondo and clear coating.