CJ750 Rides and Tours:

The surrounding area of Beijing is very rustic and beautiful. There are the mountains which the great wall sits on, the reservoir that holds the water for Beijing, water rafting, horse ridiing, fishing, camping, treking, small farming villages, trout BBQ and just incredible scenery with lots of winding roads and clean air. The best part about riding up in the mountains is going to small villages where undeveloped parts of the Great Wall is accessible and you can also stay in a farmers home and have a BBQ with friends.

The areas we visit include: Huairou, Mentougou, Shido, Baiyanggou, Shengtongyu, YanQing, PingGu, YauZhou, Jimingyi, Zhujaiyu, Shuishachangchen, Xiaotongshan, Shanghaiguan, Miyun, Cundixia, Gubeikou, Jinsanling, Simatai, Changping, Jiaozhuanghu, Badaling, Huang Hua Cheng, Yungdinghe Daixiagu, Shidu, Guyaju, Shengtongyu...etc.

The Fire Dragons have long distance rides every summer. These rides are open to friends and experienced riders only. If you want to join our rides, you have to follow the rules for safe riding. 1) All bikes need to be inspected and be in good running condition. 2) All riders need to have license and insurance. 3) All bikes must have legal registration. 4) No hotdogging or excessive speeding. 5) Respect your fellow riders. 6) Respect the enviornment, this includes noise pollution. If you have straight pipes or no mufflers, please ride in the back. Visit us at our shop and join our mailing list.

Jim Brayant also arrange rides starting out in ShunYi and Big Bill is also a good contact for ride information with the local riders. Most CJ750 shops in Beijing will have rides with their customers on the weekends check around and find a club that you are comfortable with. The www.cj750.org site also has some details of rides and events.

For personalized weekend tours we can arranged an route and ride leader with mechanic for you. If you are coming in from other parts of China for overseas we can arrange CJ750 sidecar tours for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar rider in Shanghai, feel free to contact us for ride information and also if you are interested in coming to Beijing for a weekend ride.


Please note: Ride with caution, especially in the mountains. Be careful on sharp mountian turns because on coming traffic might be in your lane. If you sidecar breaks down, just pull over and wait for other riders to give you assistance. If you are not familar with your sidecar please let the ride leader know.