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These M72 pictures are one of a kind - sounds like a familiar line when it comes to buying a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar. Originally there are 16 pages, thus if anyone finds the other 4 pages please contact us. Again thanks to Big Bill we are able to share it with you. These were printed in 1956 by the Beijing sports ministry because they were in charge of motorcycles. I have restored over 30 of these M72 sidecars for collectors and have many small items unique to this motorcycle.

Please note: Source files for these M72 pictures are from Big Bill at Visit Bill's site for a very indepth information on Chang Jiang 750 sidecars.

M72: We have restored over 30 of them, and they are available in China. If you are interested in an M72, send me an email and I will ask around with some of the collectors here and might be able to find you one. There are also many old parts lying around. From old seats, timing advance levers, headlamp switch, glass sidecar light lens, etc....