Prices are to be used a reference. Prices will vary depending on details of your restoration.

For super restoration price is about 36,000RMB. Details include: super polished aluminum parts, 32HP ohv engine, custom leather, super high grade chrome that does not rust, imported bearings, excellent paint job, etc....

For WWII style sidecars price is around 34,000RMB. Pannier boxes, mg mount, matte paint job, 32HP ohv engine, duck boards, shovel, etc..

For a pinstripe R75 restoration price is around 32,000RMB. Polished stock engine, pinstripes, minimal chrome. For super R75 restoration which includes excellent grade chrome, super polish, OHV engine the price is about 36,000RMB.

For custom restoration I have listed the prices that I charge. I offer only the best quality, you can find it cheaper else where but I doubt you will get as good quality and also professional service. I use only the best parts available and stand behind all my work. The quality of my work is proven by China's oldest riding club and the amount of local riders relying on me to keep their sidecars running.


Restoration cost:

Paint job 2,800RMB to 3,500RMB ( sand blast your old paint away)
Excellent grade chrome 8,000RMB
Engine restoration labor charge (parts not included) 1800RMB
Transmission restoration labor charge5300RMB
Wiring 300RMB
Engine Polishing 3,800RMB (cheaper grade looks similar but will tarnish easier)
Excellent chrome spoke wheels with aluminum rims 1000RMB (my wheels dont wobble)
Stainless steel spokes 280RMB per wheel
M5 wheels (aluminum hub, aluminum rim, stainless steel spokes) 1600RMB (fabricated by Jim Bryant)
Hidden electrical modification 300RMB
Imported engine and transmission bearings (SKF, NSK, FAG) 900RMB
Tapered steering bearing including installation 370RMB

Please note: We will only work on bikes with legal plates. Beware of whom you get your Chang Jiang 750 sidecar from. There is no substitute for quality. We are one of the few shops that actually hands on restore our own sidecars and important I personally work on each bike. If you know any Chinese motorcyclist, ask them about the Fire Dragons or Red Metal. Be real careful of whom you buy your bike from. Get one from me and you know you have service and reliability you can trust.