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Owing a CJ750 in Beijng:

Owning a Chang Jiang 750 sidecars in Beijing is very easy. There are many shops and different bike groups that you can ride with. Beijing has some incredible scenery and mountain ranges. For the expat living here, owning a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar in Beijing will open your eyes to a part of Beijing that is not often seen my many - you will go places the locals dont even get to go. Around the Xiao Yun Road area near the fourth ring road there are many Chang Jiang 750 sidecar shops and you will get different stories about owning a Chang Jiang 750. Do your research and be careful of some dealers. If they offer you a Hebei plate, or if they tell you that legal plates are not available, or if the sidecar is thickly covered with bondo beware. Get your sidecar today - contact me, I offer only legally registered in Beijing Chang Jiang 750 sidecars. Read the information below for more details.

Can I get a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar with Beijing plates?

Yes, Beijing plates are available, cost to transfer plate is about 360rmb, as of 2008 there are no more black plates issued except for dipomats. These are second hand used Chang Jiang 750 sidecars most are dated from 1997. There are some later versions of Chang Jiang 750 sidecars from the early 2000 with legal plates registered as Hong Yang, however they cannot be transfered due to illegal documentation. No new plates can be registered either. We mention this many time - DO NOT BUY BIKES WITH FAKE PLATES!

How long does it take to get plates transfered?

It takes about 3 days if all documents are in proper order.

Is it true that they will crush these sidecar when registration expires after ten years from first date of registration?

That is an unfounded rumor made up to scare people about legal registrations so they can sell you fake plate. As of date, the government recently pass many new laws regarding ownership of property and also about salvaging motorized vehicals. However we have not heard of anyone that has had their bike crushed.

Why do some dealers offer me Hebei plates?

Many dealers have access to sidecars from questionable sources (stolen) or some are PLA surpluse that has no documentation (cheap and illegal), and will sell them with Hebei plates. 99% Hebei plates are FAKE. Fake Hebei cost 300rmb to make on the black market. These sidecars are also much cheaper thus they make much money selling it to you. Do not buy a sidecar with Heibei plates, actually you should call the police if a dealer offers you a sidecar with them. There are many locals riding Chang Jiang 750 sidecars with Beijing plates so why would legal Beijing plates not be available? Also Beijing plated bikes are worth much more due to the fact that it can be ridden legally and insured. Buying a Chang Jiang 750 with Hebei plates is against the law and you are only supporting illegal activity with shady dealers. Just because you are a foreigner does not mean you should be an idiot or break the road laws of China. Get a bike with Jing A plates. Check around you will find honest dealers selling Chang Jiang 750 sidecar at honest prices.

How much is insurance?

Insurance is 400rmb a year for 50,000rmb worth of third party coverage.

I am a diplomat and want a receipt for VAT refund, is that possible?

That depends on whom you get your Chang Jiang 750 sidecar from. Make sure you ask in advance because final price from the shop may be different if you ask for an official receipt. Make sure the "fapiao" is real and made out to your name. Some shops might ask you to pay extra for this service.

What if I want to leave the country when my work if finished and I want to take the CJ750 home?

Many of our customers have taken their Chang Jiang 750 sidecar home when they finished working in China.. You will need proper documentation to get your CJ750 registered as an old timer in your country. The sidecars are exported out of China as your personal property.

What do I need to get registration back home?

You need; invoice, bill of sales, original ownership certificate.

Is it true that sidecars are not allowed inside the city?

That is not true! This is another lie told to sell illegal bikes. Some owners of sidecars have bought illegal bikes with Hebei plates are told that its not allowed in the city. Hebei plate bikes are not allowed anywhere cause they are fake. Legally registered sidecars are allowed in the city. Please use your common sense, why would a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar not be allowed to be ridden in the city? There are thousands of Chang Jiang riders in Beijing and you can frequently see them zipping around town and someone tells you they are not allowed in the city?

Where am I not allowed to ride a sidecar?

There are a few places that are off limits to sidecars. ChangAn Jie, Second Ring Road, Third Ring Road, 4th Ring Road are off limits. Please follow the traffic laws, in late 2006 we experience many road blocks and even gas stations not loading gas for us because of illegal activities associated with motorcycles with fake plates. Lets not ruin it for all sidecar riders, stay off restricted roads and buy a legally registered Chang Jiang 750 sidecar.

What kind of gas should I use?

Leaded is best, 93 and 97 can also be used.

Where can I usually park my sidecar?

Any car space that is allowed and in many cases you may park it on the sidewalk and have bicycle attendants keep an eye on it.

What do I do if I am in accident?

If you own a legal Chang Jiang 750 sidecar, it has insurance and documentation. When the police come they will take your information and ask you to go settle it on the spot or you can go to the automotive management bureau to settle it. If you have a Hebei plate, then you are in big trouble.

What do I need to get a drivers license for riding a sidecar?

You need a D category license. This license is available for foreigners that has residence visas. Please contact Bob at Beijing Car Solution for assistance. Bob's url is: www.car-solution.com


Buying a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar:

Buying a Chang Jiang 750 sidecars is a bit tricky. There are over 40 dealers in Beijing and many more brokers on the internet. However for a really good restoration there are only a handful of guys that actually hands on restore sidecars. Prices of these sidecars can range from a jaw dropping 130,000RMB from Dealer in Shanghai to 38,000RMB for the exact same bike from a local dealer, this is the same in Beijing, if you are out in ShunYi and go to the wrong shop, mind as well bring some elbow grease and your inheritance. Check out Franks for quality and honest prices. Inside the 4th ring road get your sidecar from me, you dont get the bragging rights to having paid for one of the most expensive sidecars and I gurantee that your sidecar will be reliable.

What do I look for in quality restoration?

  • Amount of bondo - a few shops slap lots of bondo on their buckets to hide the fact that it is a rusted out old bucket.
  • Type of bearings - imported bearings on my restorations are standard - SKF, FAG, NSK
  • Imported rubber seals - standard on my bikes - check out why others all leak grease and their back brakes don't work.
  • Imported motor oil - Conoco, Mobil, Castrol, FUCH's - Chinese oil are more viscous and will burn.
  • Tapered steering bearings.
  • Proper pitch and angle of sidecar and motorcycle.
  • High quality screws and bolts that do not rust.
  • High quality chrome thoughout bike.
  • Paint that will not chip crack and fade.
  • Wheels that are true and tires properly installed.
  • Engine should not have any clicking noise.
  • Mufflers should not rattle and blow out white smoke.
  • Test riding at least 200km before you get your key.

How important is documentation?

It takes about 3 days if all documents are in proper order for Beijing licensed bikes.

For export bikes it is vital cause you will need to get bike inspected and licensed.

How do I tell if registration or plates are real?

For Beijing bikes you have registration book, ownership book, and title transfer invoice. If you are sold a Hebei plate, most likely it is fake. You can get on the internet and check for registration.

For export most of the Chang Jiang 750 used are from military surplus and will have registration certificates from previous owners. You should also have a bill of sales, invoice from dealer and packing list.

What price should I pay?

Used sidecars are around 10,000RMB

Medium quality restoration are around 25,000RMB

Top quality restorations with legal plates should be 38,000RMB

Bikes from Nan Chang 21,000RMB - polished, cheap chrome, no registration documentation, with official VAT invoice (fapiao)

This is a very tricky question cause there are all sorts of BS when buying a CJ750. Check around, I itemize all my cost and charges. You will not be laughing stock when you own one of my bikes. There are foreigners here that has paid over 50,000 for a factory bike with fake plates from dealer in ShunYi - I dont get how such smart and educated person make such stupid purchasing decisions - overpriced and illegal.


What kind of after sales support should I get?

If you are in Beijing most dealers will warrenty their bikes for parts that go bad immediately, and will provide free tuning. For my restorations I provide 24/7 road side assistance free of charge for first 4 months of ownership. I will replace any defective parts. I test ride all my restorations and invite you to join us on weekend riedes.


What if I want know a foreigner that wants to sell me his bike?

Bring it in and let me see if all documentation is proper. Importantly if the road tax and registration has been kept up to date.

What if I want to resell my sidecar?

Depends on who you bought your Chang Jiang 750 from, make sure all your documents are intact and updated and we can help you sell it. Most of the guys that bought sidecars from me don't loose much and some even many make some money, however if you are one of the suckers that bought a Hebei plated Chang Jiang 750 sidecars you will loose lots of money. Firstly we dont resell illegally registered sidecars, other dealers may purchase them as surplus junk bike.

What if I want to leave the country when my work if finished and I want to take the CJ750 home?

Many of our customers have taken their Chang Jiang 750 sidecar home when they finished working in China.. You will need proper documentation to get your CJ750 registered as an old timer in your country. The sidecars are exported out of China as your personal property.

Please note: Its easy to own a Chang Jiang 750 sidecar in Beijing. Many shops provide full service and will keep your sidecar running with just a phone call. Do your research before you make your decision. Look for a shop that has lots of local clients and also that does lots of riding like us because we know about these bikes and how to keep them reliable. Check around and come talk to us. Join the weekend rides out to the mountains.