Fire Dragon's Founder:
Jiang Wei


We are Beijing's largest sidecar restoration facility and also ride club with over a decade of experience building custom bikes for clients and organizing rides all over China. We are one of the only few shops in Beijing that actually rides and have a full service shop providing customers with quality sidecars and motorcycles.

Many of the improvements such has high speed 4th gear, high speed rear drive, water cooled engine, oil cooler, true extended oil pump, and many other items were first developed by and tested by our club. We bring you the highest quality Chang Jiang 750 sidecar service and restoration available. From the hundreds of thousands of KM ridden by our club members, my experience is road tested and proven to make the Chang Jiang 750 reliable. Do not settle for less when you can get the best.

The most famous Sidecar club in China - The Fire Dragon Sidecar Club was started by Jiang Wei in the early 1990’s and it has grown to be the biggest sidecar club in China. We provide ride support for all of the rides and have ridden all over China, all the way to Tibet, north to XinJiang, South to Yunnan and frequently ride to Inner Mongolia on the golden week holidays. We can only guess that we may have rode over half a million KM on Chang Jiang 750 sidecars thus have full knowledge of these bikes inside out and have been working on them for the local riders for over 20 years. We are so popular that you will find other sites copying our pictures and also text to promote their business - be aware!

The Chang Jiang 750 is a sidecar designed from the 1930's - it is a simple design that is functional and beautiful. It does require some special skills and experience to keep one running in top condition. China made over a million of the Chang Jiang 750 sidecars and Beijing is Chang Jiang 750 sidecar heaven. If you want your sidecar to be reliable then, lease feel free to come visit my shop in TianZhu and join our Chang Jiang 750 family.


Want your Chang Jiang 750 to be reliable ? - Your Chang Jiang 750 sidecar is only as good as the way you take care of it. If you treat your Chang Jiang 750 sidecar with love and care it will run great. If you treat it like junk, then it will ride like junk. Break in your Chang Jiang 750 sidecar properly, ride slowly, top your oil, keep a close eye on how the engine is running and it will work fine. Do some research on how to maintain your Chang Jiang 750 sidecar and you will be able to understand your Chang Jiang 750 sidecar better.

If there is something wrong with your sidecar we will fix it. If it needs tuning or adjustment, then we will adjust and tune it. We will not replace it if it is working good. we will not tell you something is old and worth lots of money when most Chang Jiang 750 parts are quite common. We have list price for all my repairs and services.

Our business principle:

Giving the customer the best - Honesty, integrity, and quality is what we offer. There are not many CJ750 sidecar shops left in Beijing, only the best survive! Talk to your friends that ride sidecars. We will give you all the facts so you can ride assure that when you buy your sidecar from me, you have a reliable sidecar that you can trust and depend on and importantly that is road legal. I back up every sidecar that I sell and restore.

  • You can buy a sidecar with Beijing plates and have it transfer to your name.
  • The Chang Jiang 750 is a high maintenance sidecar and needs to be respected as an antique motorcycle.
  • PLA parts, etc.. new parts.. are all the same as long as they are good parts, I have seen good and bad parts so PLA don't mean anything, almost half the parts on the market are from PLA inventory. PLA is not hard to find. It is very common.
  • Buy your Chang Jiang 750 from someone that knows how to ride and have many local customers. If the shop has no riding club, there is something wrong with that shop. I have the experience, the expertise, and also network of local friends to help you with your Chang Jiang 750.
  • If someone offer you Hebei plates without full documentation, they are doing illegal business and the sidecar is from a questionable source and has no documentation. Why does one sell Chang Jiang 750 sidecars with Hebei plates when legal Beijing plates are available? Just look at how many local riders have Beijing plates! Do not support criminal business activity!
  • We want you to have an excellent running Chang Jiang 750 sidecar and for you to bring your friends to my shop. We have helped hundreds of riders and you will be able to feel the difference when you ride a sidecar that is maintained or restored by us, our prices are listed. We do not discriminate, and we will not make up some fancy bullshit story to make you pay more. We will show you the difference in quality and clearly explain the details to you and give you only the best quality!
  • Do not buy a bike that is heavily covered in Bondo, most of the time its used to hide rusted parts. Do not get impressed with shiny paint jobs or hard to get PLA stories. Do not buy from anyone that is copying our name or using our brand!
  • Check on reliabilty and prices. There are some very unscruplous dealers - do your research.

On the road with Famous Yamaha R1 Rider:
Slassk Lucassen

Local restorations:

Someone you can trust in the neighborhood - All my restorations are from legal sidecars with legally registered plates. We will only only work on a sidecar or motorcycle with legally registered plates.

We use only the best parts available such as imported bearings, tapered steering bearings, imported motor oil (Conoco, Mobil, Castrol). All of my work is done professionally and with the proper equipement to give you the best reliability available.

For export all our bikes are restored from PLA surplus bikes. Check out our PLA surplus gallery for pix of the bikes we have.


Export restorations:

Setting the standards for quality - All of our restorations are from PLA surplus sidecars that are from the 1970's and 80's. Why PLA? because there are many around and its less expensive than a legal sidecar with registration thus are the ideal type of Chang Jiang 750 sidecar to use. We hands on retore the sidecars to your specification and test them out individually. It takes about 40 days for my mechanics and We to restore a sidecar. Standard on our restoration are items like; tapered steering bearings, imported bearings throughout the bike, quality spokes, brass floats in carburetors. We will have more pix on this site as it develops. We hope to hear from you soon.

Please note: Beware of whom you get your Chang Jiang 750 sidecar from. If you buy a Chang Jiang 750 from a dealer that has no experience then you are in for an unpleasant time. Shop smartly and get one from a reputable builder. Do not buy illegal plates! Get your Chang Jiang 750 from an honest dealer that also ride. Chang Jiang 750 - there is no substitute for quality! Do your research and reference with people in Beijing! We do only top quality restorations. No stories about PLA parts, all dealers in Beijing get their parts from same places. Its the attention, time, and experience that makes a sidecar reliable. Don't get fooled by fancy paints jobs, these are high maintenance motorcycles and are as good as they are built and how you take care of them.